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February 21th, 2021

Today two new weather stations have been added to our network: 

  • In Maillen (Assesse), province Namur, measuring temperature, humidity, precipitation and also wind
  • A Membach (Baelen), proince Liège, measuring temperature and humidity

February 20th, 2021

A new weather station is put into operation in Theux, province of Liège. The weather station is located at an altitude of 250 meters. Temperature, humidity and solar radiation are measured.

February 16th, 2021

Another station to be added! In WESTOUTER (West Flanders, Heuvelland) on wine estate “Entre-Deux-Monts” we have now also installed a weather station at a height of 112 meters.

It is set up on the southern slope of the Red Mountain. Thanks to Martin Bacquaert. Here too it is more than worth a visit to enjoy the quality products.

February 15th, 2021

Today we can add two new weather stations to our list:

  • The first is set up in KAULILLE (Bocholt) in the north of the province of Limburg. It is located about 3 km from Kleine Brogel Air Force Base and therefore good for lower temperatures during winter and high values during beautiful summer days. Thanks to Dominiek Nouwen for providing this installation location.
  • The second station is located in VLIERMAAL, part of Kortessem in the region of Hasselt-Tongeren-St-Truiden on the wine estate “SCHORPION Méthode Traditionelle”.
    The 2-hectare vineyard is of course worth a visit to get acquainted with quality sparkling wines! Thanks to the Schorpion brothers for this location.

February 9th, 2021

The website of Meteo Vlaanderen is officially launched. For a lot of places the weather can now be monitored in real time. The weather stations are all identical and are set up in open locations as it should be. The exceptions to this are clearly indicated.

The observations come from the Belgian Meteo Club - Club Météo Belge. Measurements are carried out with (semi) professional equipment that is also used by the RMI in their climatic network.

Contrary to what the domain name suggests, we show you the observations over the entire territory of our country and the name “Meteo Belgium” is more appropriate.

The observations are updated every 10 minutes. For more details, averages and totals you can click further on a station. The whole will be expanded even more in the near future.

Stations are currently located in Jabbeke, Beernem, Avelgem, Merendree, Evergem, Silly, Courcelles, Herhet, Gesves, Chiny, Liège, Léglise, Baraque de Fraiture, Recht, Braunlauf, Amel and Büllingen. Many more stations are planned!

The data of all these stations is public and may also be copied. We only ask for a link and mention to the source of all data and that is BMCB… It does not take up much space! uses cookies to improve your experience on our site.
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