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Purchase of a Barani weather station


Help us to extend our weather network!

Despite the fact that our automatic measurement network already includes many weather stations, it is always interesting to welcome additional locations. You can read why we chose Barani's weather station on the 'Measuring equipment' page on this website.

There are weather stations in our network that measure all weather parameters, but you can of course also participate with a 'partial' weather station. A very open space is needed for a good and reliable temperature measurement, but if you have a smaller garden in a built-up area, you can still take precipitation measurements: as soon as you have some space in your garden without too many tall shrubs/trees in the immediate vicinity , then you can already get started!

Unfortunately, measuring equipment comes with a price. We did not opt ​​for the cheapest weather station, nor for a small entry-level model, but for a type that is solid, modular and can be placed independently of power supply and WiFi network. In addition, the MeteoHelix optimally measures the temperature without the unpleasant side effects of the compact thermometer shield that some other weather stations suffer from…

Prices are always subject to change by the manufacturer or service provider operating the sigfox network. However, we try to update it as soon as possible when new information reaches us. Always inquire with us first whether these prices are still valid.

The weather station is made up of 3 parts that can work completely independently. So you can always add pieces later if you wish.

Part 1: the screen with sensors = MeteoHelix®
Measures temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and solar radiation; it can also serve to process the data from the rain gauge.
Cost price manufacturer version 1: 598 euros (version without cable for rain gauge)
Cost price manufacturer version 2: 613 euros (version with cable for rain gauge)
Remark: if you now opt for version 1, in the future it will no longer be possible to connect a rain gauge to the MeteoHelix and you will have to rely on the 'standalone' version of the MeteoRain! If you plan to connect a rain gauge later, be sure to buy the version 2! See one of the examples below.

Part 2: the rain gauge = MeteoRain®
A rain gauge is used to measure the precipitation. It is available in 2 versions: 
version 1 for use in combination with the MeteoHelix (this has an additional cable)
version 2 as a stand-alone rain gauge (this version has the electronics on board to transmit data)
Cost price manufacturer version 1: 125 euros (you always need MeteoHelix version 2)
Cost price manufacturer version 2: 249 euros

Part 3: the anemometer = MeteoWind®
The MeteoWind measures the wind direction and wind speed. There is only 1 version and it works completely autonomously.
Cost price manufacturer: 474 euros

With our club we receive a 30% discount from the manufacturer on the above equipment which we are also happy to give away as a discount to the people who are actively part of our network and who also share their data publicly on our website. Unfortunately, people who do not wish to share the data cannot enjoy this discount. The discount also does not apply to other equipment from the manufacturer and applies to 1 weather station per location (weather station is understood to mean: all parts mentioned above); So if you want to install a complete station (MeteoHelix, MeteoRain, MeteoWind), the discount applies to all three devices.

The above prices of the manufacturer are prices exclusive of VAT 21% ! So you still have to add this!

We use the Sigfox network to send the data from the weather station to our servers. There is also a cost associated with this. A 1-year sigfox subscription costs 8.50 euros (including VAT) “per transmitter”.
- MeteoHelix = 1 transmitter
- MeteoRain connected to MeteoHelix = 0 transmitters (no sigfox needed for this)
- MeteoRain 'standalone' = 1 transmitter
- MeteoWind = 1 transmitter

From this you can conclude that a MeteoRain connected to a MeteoHelix is ​​a lot cheaper than a MeteoHelix and 'standalone' MeteoRain. Not only is the purchase price lower, you also only pay 1 sigfox subscription instead of 2!

An extra subscription is always required for a MeteoWind.

Also keep in mind that a one-time activation cost is charged per transmitter: the cost of this is the same as 1 year of sigfox (8.50 euros).

The equipment comes from abroad and we have to have it shipped here. Although we try to combine as many orders as possible, the cost is still quite high. That is why we charge a flat rate of 25 euros per delivery.

Example 1: someone wants to buy a MeteoHelix and pluviometer… what will it cost?
The cheapest solution is to connect a MeteoHelix with cable and the pluviometer to the MeteoHelix…
MeteoHelix: 613 euros
MeteoRain: 125 euros
Total equipment: 738 euros
With the discount of the club: 738 x 0.7 = 516.60 euros (excl. VAT)
Including VAT 21%: 516.60 x 1.21 = 625.09 euros
MeteoHelix = 1 sigfox subscription, so 8.5 euros activation costs + 8.5 euros 1st year subscription sigfox
Flat rate shipping cost 25 euros
Total cost for the weather amateur: 625.09 + 8.50 + 8.50 + 25.00 = 667.09 euros
Every year a recurring cost of 8.50 euros for a sigfox subscription (1 transmitter)

Example 2: someone just wants to place a (standalone) rain gauge…
MeteoRain 'standalone': 299 euros
Total equipment: 299 euros
With the discount of the club: 299 x 0.7 = 209.30 euros (excl. VAT)
Including VAT 21%: 209.30 x 1.21 = 253.25 euros
MeteoRain 'standalone' = 1 sigfox subscription, so 8.5 euros activation costs + 8.5 euros 1st year subscription sigfox
Flat rate shipping cost 25 euros
Total cost for the weather amateur: 253.25 + 8.50 + 8.50 + 25.00 = 295.25 euros
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